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Through Korima's highly sensitive
ML-4 Macro Lens, failure analysts can
detect photon emissions while viewing the
whole microcircuit. Higher magnification
is necessary only for detail analysis

Above, photon emissions appear
under low magnification through the
Korima's ML-4 macro lens.








ML-4 NIR Macro Lens

See the Big Picture—Sooner!

Not long ago, photon emission microscopy revolutionized microcircuitry failure analysis.

With the ML-4 macro lens, Korima takes the job to an even higher level of certainty and simplicity. Through the ML-4, failure analysts can examine an entire microcircuit at once--rather than in a sequence of small, individual areas.

The ML-4's high sensitivity reveals faults' photon emissions under low magnification. Suddenly, a tedious process becomes almost effortless.


   • Low magnification: 0.8 X
   • High N.A.:   0.22

   • Large Field of View (FOV):   15 x 15 mm
   • NIR lens, spectra transmission:  360 to 1,800 nm
   • Fits Mitutoyo turrets
   • Par focal with other Mitutoyo lenses
   • Senses both Front and Back side emission


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