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LCD 6400
Semi- or Fully Automatic
Laser Repair System

 • Accommodates panels up to 2 x 2 meters
 • Flat panel display, large photomask, and color filter repair
 • Triple wavelength (1064, 532, 355 nm) Laser cooling systems
 • User-Friendly Windows software
 • Auto Loader/Unloader (optional)

LCD-6400 The Korima Model 6400-L offers an exceptional laser cutting system that exceeds the requirements for flat panel display, large photomask, and color filter repair. Fully automatic and remote controlled, the 6400-L comes with single, dual, or triple wavelength to achieve optimum results in the removal of aluminum, chromium, ITO, and polymide on panels before or after assembly .

Laser System

The Korima Model 6400-L provides a convenient laser system for LCD repair. Designed as a one-step operation and accompanied by customized software, the 6400-L achieves the finest results in the precise removal of aluminum, chromium ITO and polymide. Fully controlled and operated away from the microscope, the 6400-L is a completely automated repair station.

Size and Weight

  • Main Unit:
       For 1 x 1 meter system; 60" x 66" x 57" 
    Approximately 800 pounds
  • Instrument Rack: Approximately 400 pounds
  • Total Weight: Approximately 1,200 pounds.

Facility Requirements

  • Power:
    117 V AC; 50/60 Hz 
    Single phase, 12 Ampere
  • Air: 80 psi
  • Vacuum: 18 mHg.

Motorized Gantry System

  • Travel:  Up to 2 x 2 meters
  • Accuracy: 20 microns over travel distance
  • Repeatability: 2 microns
  • Resolution: 1 micron
  • Substrate Holder: Up to 2 x 2 meters

Computer Control Unit

  • Software: Operates under Windows 95. "Point and Shoot" on-screen navigation
  • Multimedia Video: 
    Digitizing graphics card displays live video image on screens.
    Supports point and shoot; drag and drop
    Supports video image measuring, retrieval, and printing
  • Input Sources:
    Reads data from KLA Acrotech, PDI, Orbotech,
    Hitachi Engineering Research, and Tokyo Cathode Lab.
    Other manufacturers also available.

Anti-Vibration Table

  • Active air provides vibration isolation for small geometry cutting .

Optional Features

  • Pattern recognition
  • Auto loader/unloader
  • AF-405 Auto Focus
  • MT-405 Motorized Turret.


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